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Since then, it took nearly 25 years for Padel to be extended all over Spain. Finally in the early 2000’s there were more than 500 Padel clubs. 

By 2005 Padel was already well established in Spain with over 1000 clubs. This year the most important Padel Associations decided to establish an International Championship played fully in Spain. This was the start of Padel Pro Tour which lasted until 2012. 

In modern times the sport is considered the fastest growing sport around the world. It has become extremely popular and for good reason!

In 2013, World Padel Series was founded as the most important and prestigious Padel Championship worldwide (in replacement of Padel Pro Tour) – the equivalent of ATP and WTA for Tennis. 

World Padel Series has since 2014 been hosted in several countries like Argentina, Portugal, Andorra, United States and United Arab Emirates. It is currently holding the international ranking of best male and female players. Every year it consists of 15-20 tournaments as well as a final Master Series at the end of each season. 

Today there are more than 25 million players worldwide with 6 million alone in Spain. It is the second most popular sport in the country behind football.

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